Members Email addresses and Group Leaders

We appear to be having issues with Email communications recently. We had a small glitch when the new committee took over but that has now been resolved.
Will all members please check their Email addresses in their details on the website and if it is not up to date, please update it.
There may also be issues with Groups and Group Leader details. If you are, or were, a Group Leader, please check the Group details for which you are, or were, the leader and update them if they are wrong.

There may be other issues that I need to fix and if you discover any please send me details at and I will attempt to fix them.


Phil Johnson

U3A Denia Home Page

The next Members Meeting will be at 11.00 on Thursday 21st of June, at the Casa de Cultura Denia. The speaker will be Paul Whitfield, ex fire officer, about his experiences in the fire service.

The U3A Dénia is the second most northerly U3A on the Costa Blanca. We have a range of over thirty specialist groups, ranging from card playing groups, Backgammon and Mahjong groups, some gym based groups, Petanque, a Quiz Group, Genealogy, a Discussion Group and three Walking Groups for members to enjoy. Our monthly meetings are held every third Thursday of the month, starting at 11am and feature a speaker, updates from Group Leaders and news of relevance to the members