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An Online Group Fighting for British Expats Rights

As you know our strategy, which is developing and evolving, is to find ways to influence those in power in Spain, Westminster and Brussels to assist us in preserving our existing benefits in respect of health and votes etc.

In relation to Westminster we have identified one group, whose aims and strategy have synergies with ours, and they will assist us in our dealings with Parliament. They are Britain for Europe. They have a number of good contacts which we will also have access to and we are jointly considering our best approaches and strategy for influencing British politicians. Another group with similar aims is ECREU who we are also in contact with and going work with.

In relation to the European Parliament it would appear our best contacts lie with the ALDP party and we will be making contact with them through contacts we are establishing now.

In Spain our first presentation seeking the support of Politicians starts with an address to the 26 Mayors of the Mancomunidad of Almanzora. We presented to their meeting held on Friday 30th September. The meeting (of 21 mayors and the President) listened to our presentation and were wholeheartedly in support of our aims. They have agreed to take our wishes to their individual Town Halls with a view to garnering support across the political spectrum and elevate it to the Regional Parliaments. A fuller report will be circulated once it is agreed with all the politicians involved. We were personally extremely gratified at the response and level of support for our aims and actions. So in Spain it is onward and upward.

Some of you will have recently read the excellent article by Giles Tremblett http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/opinions/brexpat-blues-britain-leave-european-union-ex-pats
An interesting aspect of this article is the fact that other European countries have M.P.s who represent their expat population. An issue we wish to progress and is one which ECREU are already working on. We are in contact with Giles.

We continue to identify groups and organisations with similar aims to ours (as you can see from our links page) and, where we have synergies, we are starting to cooperate. Although, given how many of such organisations there are, it may be more sensible for us to amalgamate with some of these. At the moment we are remaining independent but our database has stalled on numbers and if you are part of an organisation or group who are interested in supporting us please get them to visit our website and click on the support link. The greater our numbers the better deal we will get when discussing future plans. It is beginning to look as if, due to the numbers of groups, that we need to work towards amalgamating certain groups under one umbrella but before we take any such steps we will inform you all.

We are also now actively seeking sponsors, not just any sponsors but ones which we hope can also offer financial or other benefits to our supporters. Given the size of our database we think it will be easy to attract some sponsorship. Up until now all expenses have been born by the 3 of us (the same funding model as Britain for Europe!!). If you know of anyone or you are a company who could benefit from Sponsoring our group please get in touch.Our reach is now in the thousands!