U3ADenia - Bridge


Email bridge@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Sue Mercer
Meetings:  Monday
Time:  10.00 (or just before!)
Venue:  Restaurant Rincon Albaranas, Las Marinas, Dénia


Our regular bridge sessions are now well under way at the Restaurant Rincon Al baranas, Las Marinas (turn right at the lights before the petrol station on the Las Marinas Road), Denia. All bridge players are welcome to join us in our friendly, but also competitive, games. Our group caters for all levels of experience, except complete beginners!

We are all keen players and members of the U3A. Please, don’t worry about coming without a partner - we take turns at sitting out if necessary, but we do all play most of the time.

Although we are fairly relaxed and informal, we do play in duplicate fashion, using bidding boxes, and often discuss the bidding after the game to help each other make progress.

The restaurant is an excellent venue, with easy parking. Our accommodation is free of charge, so we all purchase at least one drink during the morning. Some light snacks are also available- useful if you miss breakfast!

We have a lot of bridge, some very useful discussion, and plenty of fun. If you would like to come along and see if you enjoy it, please contact me by email.