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Brexit Meeting with Ambassador


Help Denia Future Functions 2017

Sunday coming Nov. 5th
We will have a table to sell our Craft items. Marian who does the Craft Days has already picked up the crafts for the stand. There is another lady who has very kindly been making Xmas textiles.
We will also be selling raffle tickets for a 32" television which has been donated to us by Female Focus.

We will have the draw for the winner at our own HELP Christmas Fair on Dec. 2nd so we have a good chance to sell a lot of tickets. We will be also helping with the parking, I've never been there but I imagine with the storm of shoppers in the holiday spirit they need the help to keep it organized. You get to wear a snazzy bright yellow vest as well!

A 2 day event on Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12. We will have a table selling the crafts lovingly made by our members on the Craft Days which are held in the Activity Center.

An auction at El Cid on Friday, November 24th, please bring any items you wish to donate to be auctioned off to either of the charity shops or to the office. We need to have a minimum of 250 items so now is a good time to get into those closets and storerooms and sort through those nice quality items that just get moved around from one storage place to another because they are too good to throw away. Sentiment aside, Aunt Bertha would be happy if that ugly vase she gave you for your wedding found a new home on someone's mantelpiece instead of being hidden in the dark recesses of the cupboard.

Then we have the second of Lesley Clark's Christmas Fairs where as in the first all monies collected at the door are for HELP. Plus we will be selling the television raffle tickets. Plus helping again with the parking, this time you may even have your own "dancing traffic cop" routine down pat. 😉

Last but not least, it's our own HELP Christmas Fair on Saturday Dec. 2nd!! We need you to help make this a success. It is our big event of the year so we need people to cover stands, collect and deliver items from our storeroom and maybe even members who would like to come but have no transport, bake cakes, etc... and... we will run the bar ourselves this time so we have the chance to make more money helping people enjoy the Christmas spirit(s)!! More details will follow as we get more information on the stalls and where help will be needed.

As always one of our biggest problems is the transportation of items to and from the events. We would appreciate anyone with a van, trailer or large boot and a good back of course to help us out especially for the auction and our Christmas Fair. We'll be happy to take your details and what day you would be available to help.

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