U3ADenia - Allotment Gardening


Email gardening@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Debbie Brettle
Meetings:  Daily
Time:  Daylight hours
Venue:  Albardenera near La Xara


Allotment Amigos of Denia U3A
Nestled in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of La Xara are the Denia U3A Allotments. While many don’t know of their existence, they have been going since 2009 and during this time have gone from strength to strength.

We have eleven plots which enable us to grow lovely vegetables alongside beautiful plants and flowers. We are lucky enough to have all the facilities we need, including a working kitchen and shaded sitting area, where we can share a drink and a chat while we have a break from our hard work. Gardening is good for our health and good for the soul and we are lucky to have such a beautiful area to spend time in.

All our plots are currently full, however, we are always happy to have helpers or visitors, so if you would like to come for a look around or to add your name to the waiting list, then please contact the Group Leader Debbie Brettle. Happy Gardening