To book a trip you first need to be logged in. To log in go to the bottom of the menu on the left hand side of the website main page and enter your email address and password then click on "Log In". If you cannot log in there may be two reasons, you are not using the email you registered with or your password is wrong. To get a new password click on "forgotten password..." and one will be emailed to you. It takes a while so please be patient and wait for it to come, you should then be able to log in. Any problems, email me

Once logged in go to "TRAVEL EVENTS & BOOKINGS", scroll to the trip you want to book and towards the bottom of each trip there is a line of text that tells you how many places are left and click "Here" to book. Clicking on "Here" will take you to the Travel Conditions page, at the foot of this page are two buttons, "Continue" and "Cancel".
Click on "Continue" if you agree to the conditions and you are taken to the booking form, click on "Cancel" and you will be returned to the "TRAVEL EVENTS & BOOKINGS" page.
On the bookings page your name will appear and a box with a 1 in it and a down arrow, clicking on this box gives you a choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 the number of people you wish to book on the trip.
Clicking on any number except 1 will give you boxes in which to put your guests names, please put in full names, first name and surname, not Mr and Mrs Smith for example. This is to avoid the same person being booked on the trip twice.
Select one of the three locations from which you want to be picked up then enter your emergency telephone number.
At the foot of the page there are two buttons "Continue" and "Cancel".
Click on "Continue" to book or "Cancel" to return to the TRAVEL EVENTS & BOOKINGS page.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and once the required number of registrations have been received and we can confirm that the trip/event will go ahead, you will receive an Invoice for Payment

Any travel problems email