U3ADenia - Spanish/English Conversation


Email intercambio@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Neil Weatherall
Meetings:  Friday
Time:  between 7pm and 9pm (approx) - informal drop-in
Venue:  Café Mont Blau in Calle Marques de Campo


There are a group of us who meet in Café Mont Blau in Calle Marques de Campo to have a drink and chat in English and Spanish. It´s very informal and you can stay for as long, or as little time, as you like. The number of Spanish friends who come varies from week to week.

If you want to practise your Spanish with someone, and find out more about the town in which you live, then send me your email address and we´ll find you an Intercambio partner.
We always need to attract new English speaking people (or existing participants who would like another partner for whatever reason) who would like to improve their Spanish in a very informal way! We have a waiting list of Spanish speakers, of all ages and backgrounds, desperately seeking an English speaking partner.
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Spanish/English Conversation

Are you an English speaking resident, or regular visitor, who would like to improve your Spanish conversation skills and make new Spanish friends? Then the Intercambio scheme could well suit you. Denia U3A has joined with the Denia Town Hall and the Official Language School (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) to promote this successful and popular project. It has three different components;

1. The basic scheme, which pairs up English speaking people with Spanish people who then meet when convenient to practice their language skills. See below for more details.
2. Social events for scheme members, and people who may be interested in joining, which in the past have included outings, a pub-quiz etc.
3. Drop-in sessions at the Cafe/bar Mon Blau, Calle Marques De Campo, Denia, which are open to all regardless of whether you are in the scheme. These are held every Friday from 7pm to around 9pm.
English speaking people who only spend some months of the year here and perhaps have only elementary Spanish are especially welcome at these informal sessions.

The Basic Scheme.
Meetings: Flexible to suit individuals
Aims: The group aims to bring together British people learning Spanish and Spanish people learning English so that they can practice their conversational skills with each other.
Working in conjunction with both the Denia Town Hall International Relations department, and the Denia Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, EOI, (Official Language School), we pair Spanish speakers with English speakers. Once the initial introductions have been made, the pairs are free to arrange times, dates and places for their meetings. If anyone is uncertain about the first meeting then this can be supported. The EOI, the Casa de Cultura and Centro Social are popular meeting places for the first time. We do recommend public places such as these, or local bars / cafes that you know, until you feel comfortable with your intercambio partner. That said, meetings can become very informal quite quickly and strong friendships are often built up that will last a life-time.

If you have any queries or concerns please do contact me via intercambio@u3adenia.org as we have many Spanish speaking people of all levels of English, and varying backgrounds, seeking a partner and therefore we want new English speaking people to come forward.
If you would like to register for the Intercambio scheme, please contact me at the e-mail address above or complete the Application Form 2013- Meet andLearn.docx & send to me. I will then check it and forward to my colleague Enric at the Town Hall who coordinates the scheme and manages the database. There are no fees for taking part.
This scheme works particularly well with beginners who are taking classes and need to practice!!