U3ADenia - Racketball


Email racketball@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Bernard Lowes
Meetings:  Tuesday
Time:  10am - 12pm
Venue:  Tenis Club de Denia


Contact me for further info, or just turn up and join in. However, it might be best to check with me that others will be there.

Tuesday, 1000 to 1200, Tenis Club de Denia, has been reserved for us. Equipment will be provided, but wear shoes that won't mark the floor ie no black soled shoes. Cost is 4 euros per person. Showers are available but you need to bring a passport-sized photo and pay 5 euros for a card, available quickly from the Club office.

The Court is bookable in advance in the mornings, Monday to Thursday, if you wish to arrange something else at the same cost.

(The Court is usually much more expensive, but cheaper at our times as it is not much-used then)


Welcome to Racquetball, the sport that 'prolongs active life' for any one with dodgy knees, etc, suffered from earlier excesses. And, for any newcomers, it is easy to learn and provides all-round exercise to suit all levels of fitness (or otherwise).

Some of those interested have never played before, so don't worry if the same applies to you. We'll show you the basics and you can play with others at your own level.

The 'meetings' are ideal for starting to play and meeting people. There is just the one court, so 2 will play for ten minutes or so, then change. We are building a list of other facilities that you can book yourselves for longer games.

I suspect that some will want to replenish hydration levels afterwards in a nearby hostelry!!

Naturally, some will be better or more experienced players than others. We would hope that all will co-operate to ensure that learning, exercise and fun are top of the agenda.

I have two racquets and some balls so you do not need to buy your own equipment initially. If you decide to take it up, you can buy all you need online from Amazon. You should be able to have delivered a racquet and balls for around 30 euros plus delivery, or have one of your friends bring stuff from the UK.

You will need to wear whatever you are comfortable in for a 'run around', including shoes that do not mark the floor. (Light-coloured soles please)

It is played on a Squash Court, usually an indoor court with four walls, a sprung floor and a ceiling. The main advantage over other sports such as Tennis is that you don't have to go far to pick the ball up!

The lines on the Squash Court are used for Racquetball, but the game is much more gentle, played with a larger racquet (easier to hit the ball) and a much larger, soft ball (much easier to see). If you have never played in a Squash Court before you will find the walls a bit of a challenge at first, but soon learn how to cope with them.

Of course, two (or even four) people toddling around in a confined space wielding significant racquets can be a little dangerous, but you soon learn restraint.

Come along and see if it works for you!!!!